The-Cornish-Art-Company Business Making stickers for Christmas: some of the greatest ideas

Making stickers for Christmas: some of the greatest ideas

Christmas is fast approaching, and with that, your brain starts searching for suitable Christmas gifts and ideas. 

What can you do this year that you haven’t done before? What is something a little different that your friends or family will appreciate?

We are here to give you a few ideas based on custom printed stickers. 

This might not be something you thought about before, which is why we want to talk about it. Stickers from professional sticker makers can be an incredible gift that people love, and we want to tell you all about them.

We hope the ideas below stimulate your thoughts, and together we can level up your Christmas gifts in 2021. Enjoy!

Idea 1 – Design sticker sheets for your children

Kids and stickers. Stickers and kids. The perfect combination.

Who wouldn’t love a personalised sheet of stickers, including their name, that they can use to tag their possessions, decorate their art book, or use to show off to their friends? 

Kids love stickers, and the fact that you can stick them anywhere brings a lot of fun and creativity to their play. 

Idea 2 – Use stickers instead of sticky tape

We’re all trying to be more environmentally friendly, and wrapping paper is widely acknowledged as not the best for the environment.

So why not ditch the sticky tape and instead opt for some biodegradable paper stickers. You can get stickers made from sugarcane fibre that is completely compostable in just a few months.

These are so much better for the environment than sticky tape. Because you can have stickers in fantastic designs, you can choose brown wrapping paper instead of printed paper which is also recyclable or compostable. It’s a win-win. 

Idea 3 – Custom face stickers

These are hilarious!

Your colleague at work or one of your mates from uni will find these a real laugh when they open your surprise present on Christmas Day.

Just snap a picture or find a great image or illustration of your friends face on social media, and you can quickly get it printed as a sticker.

It’s a bit unusual, and you can be sure they won’t receive the same gift twice, so we think it’s an excellent idea as a small gift to one of your close friends.

Idea 4 – Help get organised

This idea is more of a gift for yourself or your partner.

Getting your life organised and decluttered on or after Boxing Day is a well-known tradition. And it can all start in the kitchen.

Having some labels that tell you what’s in each box or jar or reusable container can be super helpful for you to get organised. 

For example, refillable glass or plastic food containers are becoming very popular to reduce single-use plastic. Still, sometimes it isn’t easy to know what’s in them. If you’ve got a label on the front telling you exactly which type of rice is in your container, you’ll never get them mixed up again. 

And there we have it, some Christmas ideas using UK made custom stickers that you can give to your close friends or family or even yourself. 

We hope these ideas stimulated your creativity and you pick some custom stickers it’s Christmas. Thanks for reading.